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How to be Smart with Your Money

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We offer solutions to complex and everyday money problems that in many instances, you may not even be aware of until it is too late. This could cost you thousands of dollars each year.

‘Being Smart with Money’ is your first step to solving your financial position.  This is where we can help you:

- Budgeting and savings - How to minimise and reduce tax
- Investing wisely      - Protecting your hard earned assets
- Managing debt effectively - Wealth accumulation
- Business planning  

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning means different things to different people. Some say it means investment advice while others believe it's all about tax strategies, or help with budgeting or even advice on buying insurance.

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How to Protect Your Assets

You buy polish to protect your car. You buy home and contents insurance to protect your family home in the event of a fire or theft. However, many Australian’s do not protect their income, their hard earned assets and their underlying wealth accumulated over the years.

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What to do with your Money

What to do with your money could be either a dream or you could make it happen. It could encompass: - What to do with your money now - What to do with your retirement money

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Business Planning for Small Business

If there are two or more business principals, or owners of the business then a Business Succession Agreement is an appropriate part of your business planning.

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How to Reduce Tax

In Australia, we all have to pay our taxes to the government, but the one underlying fact is that there are so many rules in dealing with your tax. Most of these rules are very complicated and has the potential for incorrect interpretation or calculation. This could cost you $1,000’s.

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Which Superannuation?

You invest into superannuation by contributing money into a superannuation fund. Contributions can be made by you, your spouse, or your employer. There are a wide range of superannuation funds to suit your individual needs, and we can help determine which one is right for you

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How to Create a Will

Estate planning is more than just making a plan to allocate specific assets to certain people.Financial planners have a crucial role in estate planning because it is an extension of their primary role. Most people focus on building wealth, protecting themselves and their family, not what happens if they aren’t around anymore.

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