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Which Superannuation?


How can you invest in superannuation?

You invest into superannuation by contributing money into a superannuation fund. Contributions can be made by you, your spouse, or your employer. There are a wide range of superannuation funds to suit your individual needs, and we can help determine which one is right for you.
Basic investment styles; There are many different ways to invest your funds, and what this will mean to the way your capital value will behave over the short and longer term. The following is a brief snapshot of the investment range that can be considered. It is not an exhaustive description of the investment styles available.

Conservative (20% - 30% growth assets);
You are a defensive investor. You are willing to consider less risky assets, mainly cash only and some fixed interest investments. You are prepared to accept lower returns to protect the value of your capital.

Balanced (65% - 75% growth assets); You are a growth investor. You are willing to consider assets with higher volatility in the short-term (such as equities and property) to achieve capital growth over the medium to longer term. Your investment mix will comprise a greater share of growth assets.

Aggressive (95%- 100% growth assets); Your primary objective is capital growth. You are an aggressive growth investor and are prepared to compromise your portfolio balance to pursue greater long-term returns. You are willing to accept higher levels of risk. Fluctuation in capital is acceptable in the short-medium term for the greater potential for wealth accumulation. With the exception of a minimal level of cash for liquidity purposes, your investment mix will only consist of growth assets such as international and domestic equities.

How much superannuation will you need?

The amount of money you will need in retirement varies from person to person, and depends on:

  1. The kind of lifestyle you want
  2. Other income options in retirement (such as part-time work or payments from other investments) that will supplement your super, and
  3. The age at which you would like to retire.

Depending on your attitude towards investing, the goals you want to achieve, and how long you have to invest, people can be quite different in the way they invest their superannuation funds. Fleming Financial Planning will step you through what is right for you, monitor your investments over time, and ensure you remain on track to achieve your retirement goals.

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