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When we help you, we become a team, and as such you will learn and understand many of the important and positive attitudes on money planning. Smart ideas are put in place to become reality.


1. Salary sacrificing to Superannuation

Salary sacrificing super is a good way to get tax deductions and reduce your individual income tax, and save. Salary sacrificing can be turned off when cash flow is tight, in comparison to negative gearing loans that have to be paid regardless of circumstances.

2. Structuring ownership of assets

Are assets owned in your own name vulnerable to litigation? Is there a way to own them that provides greater protection? Tax planning?

3. Owning insurance cover in joint names

This format ensures that the surviving owner of a life insurance policy receives the benefits of the policy directly. This means these insurance proceeds don’t form part of the estate of the deceased, and challenges to the benefits are reduced.

4. Investing long term, invest when market is low

Investing is all about buying when the market is down, and selling when the market is up. If you have a long time frame to invest, shorter term market fluctuations shouldn’t stop you from entering the market.

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